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Professional Air Duct Cleaning in Dubai Reliable & Fully Certified

Dust and humidity are very common in Dubai. Air ducts are now in every home, office, mall, hospital, park and public space. They maintain a uniform temperature throughout the building. Your family breathes the same air passing through the ducts. Clogged ducts make your air conditioner work harder to cool your house. Pollen, Dust Mites & Pet dander can pose asthma and allergy problems to aged people. The accumulation of dirt and grease leads to dangerous working conditions. Avoid those problems by regular cleaning. A well-clean air duct will improve the quality of your indoor air and protect your family from airborne particles. You will be able to supply cool, fresh air into your living space by hiring AC Duct Cleaning Services in Dubai. We have 2 years of industry experience in Duct Cleaning. Our highly skilled technicians can do the cleaning in IT Companies, Manufacturing, Educational Institutions, and more. We disinfect dust particles with eco-friendly chemicals after cleaning your AC Ducts.

How Our Duct Cleaning Works

  • Pre-work comprehensive check if AC has full functions

  • A thorough protective plastic covering for your furnishings and equipment

  • All supply and return grills/vents/diffusers were removed neatly

  • All vents/grills/diffusers cleaned before re-installation

  • Mechanical cleaning of Air Duct System by rotating contact brush with HEPA filter system and vacuum

  • Thorough fogging of ducts with EPA-registered sanitizer, deodorizer

  • Re-installation and sealing with silicon of all cleaned vents/grills/diffusers

  • Cleaning, flushing, and disinfection of coils, filters, and drainage pan to prevent leaking

  • Postwork to clean up and round-up materials, equipment, and small debris

Duct Brushing

Duct Air Pressure

Are your business’ vents dusty?

Your HVAC system components will accumulate a greater amount of dust inside the air ducts. This will result in a larger build-up and contamination of the indoor air.

Commercial Air Duct Cleaning: Why Your Business Needs It

Your workday takes up most of your time. Everyone will be more productive if they breathe healthier air. Poor air quality leads to your employees being sick. Take care of your employee health to become more successful. Get your AC Cleaned Today through AC Duct Cleaning Services. Let us know if you need assistance.

Your business faces a fire risk due to clogged air ducts, and you must reduce it. It is important to maintain air ducts in older properties, whether you work in them or own them. As part of your regular maintenance plan, you can book commercial air duct cleaning services.

Our Commercial Cleaning includes:

  • Unit Housing
  • Fan Housing
  • Grills
  • Heat Exchanger
  • Internal air ducts
  • Diffusers
  • Drain pans

AC Duct Cleaning & Sanitizing in Dubai

Maintain Efficient Cooling

HVAC Air Ducts can suffer from dust and debris that can lead to loss of cooling and increase your electricity bills. Sensitive equipment in air ducts may fail regularly and produce inefficient cooling to you.

Ducts accumulate dust

Air Ducts may be closed on all sides, they accumulate a variety of dust inside. These contain harmful bacteria and insects like cockroaches, lizards, insects, and rats. Additionally, it has algae, human air, fungi, etc.,

You should always have your air ducts regularly sanitized and cleaned to avoid any hassles and waste of money. After each cleaning, you will see the benefits.

Reduces Mold Growth

Fresh Air is Pure Joy. Pluspoint Cleaning Services is the best choice to make your living space free from dust and germs. Frequent Cleaning avoids negative symptoms like eye irritation, nasal stuffiness, coughing, throat infection, respiratory problems, and more. The reaction can be even more severe in people with mold allergies.

Reduces your Electricity bills

Clogged HVAC Air Duct works harder to blow air through vents, it needs to work continuously to maintain the cooling. This increases your Electricity bills. Hiring Professional AC Duct Cleaning Services can clean all those parts using high-end equipment. Our cleaning will reduce your electricity bills and you will feel the freshness once you switch on the AC.

Cleaner Air, Healthier Workplace

Your workplace ducts are filled with dirt, fungus, and mold. Breathing bad air leads to headaches, cold chronic fatigue, sore throats, allergies and more. This drains your energy easily.

Nobody enjoys working in an environment filled with unpleasant odors all day. Bad odors can ruin your mood. Air fresheners and candles may be used to avoid bad odors, but that’s not enough to continue their work. Clean it regularly by booking AC Duct Cleaning Services in Dubai. With our affordable services, you will receive high-quality services.

With our air duct cleaning and sanitizing services, we can help keep your system in excellent condition. Make an appointment by contacting us today.

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